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Digital University
Digital University
A. Kumar Garg

PAD. DR. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology (INDIA)
Students need to approach different university across the globe to get quality higher education like MS, MBA, Ph. D, Post Ph. D (super specialization). The most important hurdle the students face is the total awareness about the new courses and different universities where they are offered. Secondly, it may be very difficult for a lower middleclass / middleclass student has to shell out a lot of money for education and other expenses which he/she can’t afford. The concept of Digital University is a boom to many such students. It is a setup towards bringing all the universities under one roof, and student can have access to all the details of each university and can then make a cognizant decision about their higher education. Apart from providing valuable information about globally recognized universities, this will definitely shrink the expenses and students can easily get quality education right on their desktop. Students aspiring for higher education (technical or non-technical) face a number of problems.

• Tedious job of hunting many universities and courses across the whole world.
• Getting into these universities and to have a course of one’s choice is not a feasible task.
• Due to their financial problems, they cannot afford the astronomical fee and also fending themselves during their stay in the universities. In such a situation,

Digital University concept comes as a boom to all the aspirants. With this new concept, the details of all the universities can be accessed by a click of the keys on his / her pc or laptop which would otherwise be a very tiresome task. Writing to all the universities which have been short listed by a candidate and to get the reply and forms from them is another patience testing activity. Lastly to avail university courses and to get the quality education (technical and non- technical), students don’t have to physically be present in the campus of the university, and they don’t have pay the regular sky scraping fees that any institute normally demands (other than the admission and examination fees which would really be very meager). With the concept of Digital University, the students can bid adieu to the mind numbing chores. This project also brings the ease on the student’s pockets wherein the students spend only for his/her terminal and the broadband connection to get connected with the University where the courses are being conducted. It will be the distributed network system or NGN which have different type of access modes depending upon the authorities, like the University personnel, college management and the end user, i.e. the student. “Education and technology cannot be seen separately. Taking education, especially vocational education, to rural India will soon become easier through mobile handsets,
” The mobile phone is a great leveler in society as far as dissemination of education is concerned. This will prove a new paradigm in imparting knowledge to far-flung areas in the country and assist in bridging the divide using wireless and mobile technology.”
As mobile wireless network technology becomes widespread, the importance of education about this new form of communication is becoming critical.

Digital University Presentation

Font Processor
Font Processor
A. Kumar Garg

PAD. DR. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology (INDIA)
We are living in the Information Technology age. For a multi-lingual, Multi-Cultural country like India, computing solutions in Indian Languages was a must. A number of software packages in Indian Languages are now available.

Indian Language computing has been popular since years now.
People using Indian Language Software have always faced a few problems such as non standardisation of keyboards and font encoding. The non-compatibility of text amongst different Indian Language fonts has posed an acute problem for those using Indian Languages for Computing. Fonts for English text can be very easily changed in packages like MS Word etc, just by selecting a particular text block. However such facility is not available for Indian Languages.

Taking the example of Devnagari alone, at this moment there are more than 900 popular Devnagari font formats with keyboard layouts. A document composed with any of these fonts can not be read in MS Word or even in any other application, if the specific font is not available, leave alone editing that document. This is true with all such available fonts and formats.

There always was a strong need to overcome this practical problem.

In present days Maharashtra Government has made Marathi language compulsory in every departments and organizations and also Marathi language is used in Advertising agencies to make advertises. But it is very difficult to work with Hindi or Marathi fonts because there is no unique key mapping available for different Hindi or Marathi fonts and also no Marathi Keyboard is provided by DTP or any other organizations.

At this instance there are thousands of Hindi or Marathi fonts exists in Market, so professional type writer has to remember key mappings of each and every font and it is very difficult task for other peoples also. Today’s need is that there should be an organization which should develop an unique key mapping for Marathi fonts and also past Marathi fonts key mapping should be change to present developed font’s key mapping. Due to this it becomes easy to convert a Marathi document from one font to another font.

After surveying through various organizations which daily works with Marathi fonts, we have trapped the problem of converting document from Marathi fonts to Marathi fonts. Considering all above problems regarding Marathi fonts, we have developed this Application software known as “FONT PROCESSOR” which easily deals with Marathi documents and can perform operation like conversion of one Marathi Font to another Marathi Font, like other English font word processors for e.g. MS-Word, Open Office. It has various advantages like, it reduces load on CPU by providing efficient memory management. Currently it supports more than 900 fonts
and in future we will implement all the existing Marathi fonts. It also provide user friendly typing of Marathi fonts such that you should type spelling of Marathi word in English and you will get equivalent Marathi word in required Marathi font.

There should be software which can convert one Marathi to another Marathi font. This demand is also come from “ETH Research Lab.” which belongs to Dr. Vijay Bhatkar who is the founder of Param Super Computer.


Ajay Garg with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Former President of India Appreciate Ajay Garg's Innovation.


Ajay Garg is a Student of Pad. Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pimpri, Pune-411018. He is also working on Various Innovative Projects. Recently He Visited Europe and published his 2 Innovative Research Paper in International Conference.